Softbase Mobile Service App Release Notes 2.1.10

Modified on Wed, 1 Nov, 2023 at 11:40 AM

Release Date: 10/27/2023

Labor Updates


  • Multiple Technicians can now be dispatched to the same Work Order and clock in and out independently on the Work Order.  

    • If a Technician chooses to complete the Work Order while another technician is still clocked on it will clock the other technician off and complete the Work Order.  

  • Labor Entries are no longer being rounded in the Mobile App.  

  • The Travel Flag is now being set correctly for Labor Entries flagged as Travel

Part Searches 

  • The Part Search was updated to search for Parts when you enter a value in the Part Number field and click out of it.  If the Part is found the page will show you the information on the Part and allow you to add to the Work Order.  

  • When clicking on the Part Search button if you enter a value in the Part Number field that value will be defaulted in the Part Search box on the Part Search Page.  

  • Searching on Parts Description is now a contains search.  

Recap Document Updates

  • The Recap Document has been updated with new formatting and shows all parts that were added to the Work Order in the Mobile App.

    • It also now allows a Disclaimer to be printed on it that is controlled in the Department Settings on the Mobile Tab in the Softbase Application.    

  • Customer Signatures and Recaps are now displayed in the Documents Tab on the Work Order in Softbase.  Prior to this update they were only available for display in the Document Center. 

  • The Recap Document sent into the Document Center is now visible in the data grid when it hasn’t been processed.  Prior to this change it was only available when looking up a specific Work Order and looking at the attachment dropdown.   

General Updates

  • The Hour Meter Message was formatted correctly.  

  • Emails can be sent when the Email Address has hyphens in them.  

  • Unit Numbers are now on the card in the Customer Equipment Selection Page

  • Multiple Inspections can be saved on the same Work Order

  • Android specific updates

    • Scrolling on Parts Tab on the Work Order Page when in Landscape Mode on has been updated.  

    • Labor Page was updated to allow clicking on the Add Button

  • Updating the Comments in the Work Order now updates the changed by and changed dates on the Work Order in the Softbase Application.  

  • The multi signature feature was updated to allow work orders to be set to be completed in Softbase when setting that option in the Mobile App when signing multiple work orders. 

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