Softbase Mobile Service User Guide

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This article covers how to download and set up Softbase Mobile Service on the devices your technicians will use to work their dispatched orders.

Setup Steps

  1. Download the Softbase Service Mobile Application from the Apple or Google Play Store.

  2. Once downloaded, go to Main Menu > Settings.

  3. Click Add to the right of API Configuration.

  4. Enter a Name for the API; this is informational and can be your dealer name, Connect, etc.

  5. Enter the Softbase Connect URL provided to you. If you have not received a URL, contact Softbase for assistance.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Main Menu > Login and enter the credentials that have been provided by your dealership to access the application. These are the same credentials that were used for the original Softbase Mobile Application.

  1. After logging into the application, go to Main Menu > Settings to set a Default Warehouse. 

  1. Click Default Warehouse field and select a warehouse location from the dropdown.

  2. Finally, go to Main Menu > Home to begin using the application.


Main Menu > Dispatch to display dispatched work orders. Select work order for technician to begin work.

Dispatch > Work Order > Tabs

Details: Review details including location, equipment selection, enter the PO# and hour meter. Indicate if there was customer damage/abuse, and if corrected first visit. Set status of work order. 

Parts: Open the Parts tab, enter Part # and Quantity and click Add. The magnifying glass can be used to search for parts.

Note: DECS = description of part; OH = on hand quantity; BIN = bin location. Section field and Repair Code button to the right will assign parts to specific sections on the work order.

Labor: View all previous labor entries for this work order. Click an entry to review specific details. Click the Labor Edit button to edit the labor detail record.

Comments: Enter comments and click the Section button to assign comments to a specific section of the work order. Click the Save button after entering comments. 

Note: Comments = public comments available to customer and will print on invoice; Private Comments = internal comments not shared with customer; Additional Work Recommended = where technicians can suggest future maintenance. 

Dispatch > Work Order > Buttons

Inspect: Click Inspection fields and select appropriate inspection checklist from the dropdown at the bottom of the screen. Click Save when finished with inspection. Enter the email you’d like to send the inspection report in the Email Address field; click the Emails button to see all emails associated with the customer. 

Note: indicate status using OK toggle or set status in Potential / Urgent fields. Single click to set status as X = adjust, R = repair or replace, S = requires shop repair. 

Click the green Clock On button when ready to begin work. Click the red Clock Off button when work is complete.

Travel button differentiates clocked travel time from clocked labor time should the rate differ.

History: View invoice history for a Serial No. Click on an invoice to view more details. 

Recap: Doc Center sends a recap to the Softbase Document Center. View Recap displays a recap of all work and the inspection performed. Enter email address to send a copy of the recap to the customer.

Customer Signature: Have the customer sign on the screen and then type their name in the Signed By field. Toggle “Is Work Completed?” to true and then click Accept to remove the work order from available work items. Customer Not Available toggle allows you to accept the work order if customer is not available to sign.

Attach: Take or Upload an image to attach to the work order.

Images: View images attached to the work order, serial number or equipment record.


PM window displays open PM jobs available for technicians to begin work on. Select PM item and click Dispatch to technician. 

Equipment History

Enter Serial or Customer Number to find all invoice history. 


Labor Editing / Review displays labor not sent to Softbase yet. Click the labor record to view labor details. Click Split to split labor between sections of a work order. 

Time Cards


Create new time cards for technicians. The Time Card will be sent to the Softbase Document Center once the user has signed and accepted.

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