Core Inventory Tracking

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Parts Core Tracking

Softbase recommends setting up an inventory specifically for items designated as Cores. These parts can be identified either by creating a separate Warehouse or by grouping them within a distinct Parts Group. Ensure that you reference the correct inventory account in the setup of either the Warehouse or Parts Group.

It is advisable, at minimum, to segregate Cores into a separate Parts Group. Here's how you can set up a Core part within the system:

1. **Create the Core Part:**

   Set up the Core as a part within the parts system just like any other part. Check the box labeled "This part # is a Core" under the General Tab for the Core part.

2. **Ordering and Receiving:**

   When ordering the main part through a Purchase Order, ensure to include the Core part number as well. Upon receiving this purchase order, the quantity of the Core part number will be incremented to 1 in your inventory.

3. **Invoicing:**

   When invoicing the customer for both the main part and the Core part, the system will update the on-hand quantity for the Core part number with a negative value, reducing it to 0. This accurately reflects that the Core part is now with the customer.

4. **Core Returns:**

   When the customer returns the Core part, credit them for the Core part number, resulting in an on-hand quantity of 1 in your inventory.

5. **Handling Credits:**

   To handle credits for Core returns, create a purchase order for a negative amount on the Core part number. Although the on-hand quantity remains at 1, the "On Order" value becomes -1. Upon receiving the credit from the vendor, receive the Core part on your purchase order, resetting the "On Hand Quantity" to 0 and "On Order" to 0.

6. **Tracking Outstanding Cores:**

   To track outstanding Cores, utilize the report "Parts Status Pad by Warehouse and Group" or "Parts Status Pad by Warehouse All Groups" available in the New Reports Database.

By following these steps and utilizing the suggested reports, you can effectively manage and track Cores within Softbase Evolution's inventory system.

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