Role Permissions Guide

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  • Account Reconciliation - ability to perform and post Beginning and Ending Balances of a G/L account

  • Allow Posting of OOB Journal 

  • AP Auto Checks - ability to process checks/EFTs 

  • AP Check Register - ability to view and clear AP checks from the check register 

  • AP Check Void - ability to void a check/EFT

  • AP Inquiry - ability to view outstanding AP invoices by Vendor

  • AP Invoice Entry - ability to input and post AP invoices

  • AP Payments - ability to post AP payments 

  • AR Cash Posting - ability to post/apply a payment from a customer (AR Deposits)

  • AR Comments - ability to add comments to AR Coms tab on Customer record

  • AR Inquiry - ability to view outstanding AR invoices by Customer / ability to run AR Statements 

  • AR Terms Setup - access to create AR Terms within Settings > Administration 

  • Chart Of Accounts - ability to create, edit or view Chart of Accounts 

  • Credit Approval - access to Credit Approval program from Accounting menu

  • Customer Add 

  • Customer Change

  • Customer Delete

Customer Profile - access from General menu

    Limit to Assigned Customers - restricts the user to only be able to view customer accounts where they are an assigned salesperson 

  • Customer Rates - ability to change any options in the “Rates” tab in the Customer record

  • Customer Setup - access to Customers from main menu

  • G/L Inquiry - ability to view G/L transactions

  • Journal Entry - ability to post a Journal Entry  

  • Management Information - access to the Financial Inquiry window from the main menu

  • Show AR Comments in Profile

  • Vendor Setup - access to Vendors from Accounting menu


  • Branch Setup - access from Administration menu

  • Company Setup - access from Administration menu

  • Currency Rates - access from Administration menu

  • Department Setup - access from Administration menu

  • Dispatch Status - access from Repair Codes

  • FOB - access to FOB field within Invoice Change

  • GL Balance Tests - access from Administration menu

  • Inspection Setup - access from Administration menu

  • Labor Rate Setup - access from Administration menu

  • Modify Sales Tax Integration - access to Sales Tax Integration tab within Tax Codes

    Personnel Setup - access to User Setup within User Management

        Disable Hourly Rate - ability to enter hourly rate on User record

    Repair Codes - access from Administration menu

  • Sale and Expense Codes - access from Administration menu

  • Secondary PM Names - access from Administration menu

  • Security Setup - ability to interact with any security function in the security setup. Caution: disabling this option as an administrator will prevent you from further operation of this feature. 

  • Ship Via - access to Ship Via field within Invoice Change

  • Shop Status - access to Shop Status tab within Repair Codes

Data Access - end points for OData

Doc Center - ability to access each of these documents within Doc Center 

Equipment - access to make the respective changes within Equipment record


  • Email Log - access to the Email Log from Settings > Files

  • Program Change Log - n/a in Evolution

  • Purchase Order Print Options - access to PO Print Options from Settings > Files


  • Check In - n/a in Evolution

  • Invoice Change - access to Invoice Change from General menu

  • Mechanic Clock In - access from General menu

  • Parts - access to Parts from General menu 

  • Print Final Invoices - access from General menu

Internet - entire section is n/a in Evolution 

Invoice - access to respective fields within invoicing unless otherwise specified 

  • Accounting Format - n/a in Evolution 

  • Add Equipment

  • Add Ship To

  • Auto Open PM's

  • Change Salesman

  • Close Credit Memos - access to close documents waiting for credit approval

  • Close Order

  • Customer Credit Info

  • Department Limit - selecting this opens a dropdown which allows you to limit the departments this role is able to open documents under

  • Enter Comments

  • EQ

EQ Add

EQ Change

EQ Delete

EQ Transfer

  • Flat Rate

Flat Rate Equipment

Flat Rate Labor

Flat Rate Misc

Flat Rate Parts

Flat Rate Rental

    Invoice Design Options - access within Settings > Files 

  • Invoice Functions - access to Invoicing from General menu 


    Labor Add

  • Labor Change

  • Labor Delete

  • Labor Ticket

  • Labor Transfer

    Limit Labor Entry

        Mechanic #


    Misc Add

  • Misc Change

  • Misc Delete

  • Misc Transfer

    Open Order

  • Open PM's

  • Override Currency


  • Parts Add

  • Parts Below Cost

  • Parts Change

  • Parts Delete

  • Parts Transfer

    Print Final Invoices - access from General menu

  • Rates/Taxes


Rental Add

  • Rental Change

  • Rental Delete

  • Rental Transfer

  • Reverse Invoices

  • Show Deposit Button

  • Show Equipment GP

  • Show Labor GP

  • Show Misc GP

  • Show Parts GP

  • Show Rental GP

  • Show Total GP

  • Update Header

  • View Acct Dist - access from Document > Gear > Inquiry

  • View Invoice Register - access from General menu

  • View WIP - access from General menu


    Invoice Change - access from General menu

  • Comments - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • FOB - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • PO # - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • Primary Meter - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • Rental Dates - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • Salesman - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • Ship Via - access to this field within Invoice Change

  • Writer - access to this field within Invoice Change

    Mechanic Check In - n/a in Evolution

Transportation Log - access from General menu

    Transportation Detail

  • Transportation Header

Parts - access to make respective changes within Parts record unless otherwise specified

Add Parts

  • Adjust On Hand Qty

  • Approve Orders

  • Change Parts

  • Delete Parts

  • Disallow Cost Change For Backorders

  • Group Bin Change

  • Inquiry Price Avail - n/a in Evolution 

  • Order Parts

  • Part # Alias On Pos - n/a in Evolution

  • Part Admin Options - access to Service Van Replenishment, Price Files and Month End within Parts 

  • Parts Group Setups - access to Groups tab within Parts > Setup

  • Parts Setup - access to Setup within Parts

  • Post Inventory - access Inventory Counts within Parts

  • Receive Parts

  • Record Lost Sale

  • Toyota - No Auto Dash - when checked, the system will not automatically enter a dash when typing a Toyota part number 

  • User Cross Setups - access to User Cross Reference tab within Parts Setup

  • View Costs

  • Warehouse Limit - allows you to limit the warehouses this role is able to utilize

  • Warehouse Setups - access to Warehouses tab within Parts > Setup

  • Whse To Whse Trans - access to Transfer and Copy Warehouse within Parts

Reports - access to respective reports within Main Menu > Reports

Technician - access to the respective functions for Technician roles

Doc Center 

    Add Equipment Docs

  • Add Mechanic Docs

  • Document Center

Invoicing Functions

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