Sales Tax Absolute Detail - St, Co, City, Loc Report

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Brief Description:

This report provides detailed information on sales tax transactions, including taxable and non-taxable sales, state, county, city, and local taxes for a specified period.


    •    Enter Start Date: Start date for the transactions included in the report.

    •    Enter End Date: End date for the transactions included in the report.

    •    Enter Account Number or ‘A’ for All: The account number for which the sales tax details are required, or ‘A’ for all accounts.


    •    Invoice No: The unique number assigned to each invoice.

    •    Invoice Date: The date of the invoice.

    •    Ship To Name: The name of the recipient.

    •    Taxable Sales: The amount of taxable sales.

    •    Non Taxable Sales: The amount of non-taxable sales.

    •    Invoice Total: The total amount of the invoice.

    •    State Tax: The state tax amount.

    •    County Tax: The county tax amount.

    •    City Tax: The city tax amount.

    •    Local Tax: The local tax amount.

    •    Total Tax: The total tax amount.

Use Cases:

    •    Reviewing detailed sales tax transactions for compliance and reporting.

    •    Auditing sales tax calculations and ensuring accuracy.

    •    Financial reconciliation and reporting for tax purposes.

Sample Output:

The provided screenshots show the report listing sales tax transactions with details such as invoice numbers, dates, taxable and non-taxable sales, and tax amounts.


    •    Ensure the date range and account number are correctly selected to get accurate sales tax details.

    •    Use this report to verify sales tax calculations and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

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