Salesmen Setup / Sale Group, Zip Code, Territory Assignments / Commission Structure

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1. Step 1: Create Sales Groups. These can be assigned under Administration > Company > Marketing tab.

Tip: In this example there are 6 Sales Groups. Typically these will match the departments.

2. Step 2: Assign Sales Groups to Departments. Find this under Administration > Department > Select Department and click Edit > Select Sale Group associated with this Department from the dropdown.

Tip: Softbase will default the Salesman on a work order based the Salesman / Department setup on the Marketing tab of the customer record.

3. Step 3: Assign Territory Numbers to Zip Codes if applicable. Find this under Administration > Zip Codes > Select an existing zip code or click "+Add Zip Code."

Groups 1-6 under the Zip Code record match the Sale Groups assigned in Step 1 (for our example, Group 1 = Parts, Group 2 = Road Service, Group 3 = Equipment Sales, etc). Assign any relevant territories to the respective Sales Groups here.

Make sure to click Save once finished.

Tip: If your territories are split amongst 5 major areas, you might use 101-105 for Sales Group 1 and 201-205 for Sales Group 2, etc. These territories will need to be added for each zip code.

4. Step 4: Salesmen Setup. Find this screen under Accounting > Customers > Salesman button in the top right.

5. The Salesman screen consists of three different sections. The first section we'll review is Salesman Setup.

  1. Enter the Salesman / Territory Number in the Salesman # field (these two numbers are used interchangeably).
  2. Employee # field is optional.
  3. The name entered in the Salesman Name field is what will appear in the Salesman dropdown for future use.
  4. Select the appropriate Sales Group for this Salesman in the dropdown.
  5. Click the + to add this Salesman record.

*Note: to assign a salesman to multiple territories, you will need to repeat these steps for each territory # (entered in the Salesman # field).

6. The next section is Commission Setup.

Commissions are linked by Salesman Name, so you need only set them up once for each salesman.

  • If the commission is based off of a percentage of total sales, enter the GL Revenue account with the corresponding %.
  • If the commission is based off of Gross Profit, enter the GL Revenue account with the % to pay and the offsetting GL Cost account with the associated % of commission; these percentages need to match.

Example for Gross Profit: If Bob Smith is paid 20% GP on Revenue Account 4020101 / Cost Account 5020101, you would enter Account #4020101 and Commission Rate 20 in addition to Account #5020101 and Commission Rate 20.

*Note: make sure to click the ✓ in between to save Account # / Commission Rates.

Tip: Make sure to select the appropriate Salesman from the Salesman section before assigning Commissions.

7. The last section is Zip Code Assignments. You can view a zip code or make a change in territory assignment here if necessary.  If you make a change, make sure to click the ✓ to save your change.

8. Note: the button Assign based on Zip Code will update your entire customer based with the corresponding salesman for the territory.

*Note: Customers with “locked” salesmen will not be updated with the Auto Assign function. To enable a salesmen lock for a customer, open the customer record > Marketing tab > select salesmen for each Sale Group and click Lock.

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